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What Musicians Can Teach Us About Choosing a Career Path

On your quest of choosing a career path, the most significant of questions to consider is, “Will you enjoy doing it?”

This process of making one of the most pressing decisions in your lifetime should not be taken lightly, it’s going to directly impact up to ninety years of your day-to-day livelihood.

When you are young, people ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” What do I want to be? Think deeply about that one. In American society, your job is who you are.

It becomes the fundamental basis of your identity.

In adult life, when you meet someone, they ask, “What do you do?,” or something of that nature, and you’re expected to tell them about your job or career.

You will either be proud to share your line of work or you will communicate an unmistakable dissatisfaction, reflective of your answer to the, “Will you enjoy…

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