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Working 24-7 To Bring a 747 To Burning Man


“It’s so intense. This city feels like New York now,” Ken Feldman said right as we sat down for coffee in the Mission.

Feldman last lived in San Francisco in the early 1990s, well before the first dot-com bubble. Now he’s back at the height of another boom.

This time he’s pulling together a fundraising campaign to bring the largest art car ever seen to the Burning Man playa — in the form of a Boeing 747. In its first incarnation, it will be more than half a football field long and part of its top will be removed to expose a dancefloor that can house 300 people.


Feldman, a lifelong raconteur who has dabbled in Bitcoin and film and television production, was behind the Charlie the Unicorn art car four years ago. That was a mobile, two-story version of the lethargic, crotchety unicorn who has his kidney stolen after…

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3D art in China’s rice paddy fields

Creating art on their rice fields also serves as a way of praying for blessings

Art on the worlds finest fabrics

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Brazilian pianist performs in air 

During ‘Virada Cultural’ event

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